Monday, June 22, 2009

mondays, mondays, mondays

this morning came super early especially since i couldnt fall asleep till like 4:30 last night (NO BUENO). for some reason, i just havent been able to sleep through the night this past week. once i finally fell asleep i had a crazy scary dream..wont repeat it on here. so i really didnt feel like walking to rue's house in the dark, so instead i sat on my couch waiting on them to come get me...then when i opened the door to go outside, my dog attacked me and i screamed really REALLY loud haha and my heart felt like it was gonna come out of my chest for about 5 minutes straight.

we had 2 tests today at school....i made a 100 on both of course. the day flewwww by because with the first teacher, we reviewed the first hour then took the test...then the second teacher we did the same, so school went by muy rapido!! after school, my brother and one of his friends took me and the boys home. after a yummy lunch and siesta, we took a remese to tango. we assumed that my dad told the driver where tango was...but nope haha..but brett is a human mapquest so he knew the general area of where to start heading and meanwhile i was calling everyone in my phone book trying to find out the address. finally my dad called back so i just handed the phone to the taxi driver and he told him where to go...THANK GOD. i guess we really should figure out where everything is...
the taxi driver hated us cause we were so loud the whole way i gave him a pretty fat tip. it was nice to finally be back to myself and not feel nasty anymore...minus i'm still coughing and blowing a storm out my nose. i seriously dont know how there is anything left in there to blow. i seriously think i could feel up 5 or 6 waters bottles with all my snot from this trip (too far?) but at least i feel good, thats all that matters.

tango was fun, minus the WRITTEN (ridiculous) test that i bombed. but i wrote notes to the tango teacher all over it and my pictures were pretty so hopefully i'll do fine. here's a video of rue dancing with another girl in the class: ENJOY

brett's mom picked us up from tango and we went to the city and met one of her friends there. we went jewelry shopping with them...her friend had a really big wedgie the whole time and it drove me crazy. then we went and got ice cream at my favorite ice cream place and sat around and talked...then came home!!

brett kept bugging his mom while she was on the was hilarious...this is her yelling at him once she got off haha...this lady is so FUNNY

brett and his madre walking around the city...they love eachother

during dinner, we hear someone at the door and in runs rue out of breath with 4 tylenol pms in his hand for me mom thinks he deals drugs. so i took 2 and i'm about to hopefully sleep my first full night of the week!!!!! (cross your fingers)

till tomorrow...CHAU

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